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In 1926, the water supply system in Calamba was managed by the Municipal Government, under the administration of National Water Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), through the then called Calamba Water Works  System with Tigbe Spring as the sole source of water that supplied the whole town. Come 1964, Bucal Spring was utilized with approximately 16.4 kilometer of pipelines and 380 cubic meter concrete reservoir.

The creation of The Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973 also known as the Presidential Decree No. 198 (PD 198) paved the way for birth of various local water districts in the country. On August 07, 1974, the Sangguniang Bayan of Calamba, headed by then Mayor Taciano Rizal, passed the  Municipal Board Resolution No. 82 Series of 1974 in pursuant to P.D. 198 as amended which gave rise to the organization of the CALAMBA WATER DISTRICT (CWD). Two years after, Local Water Utilities Administration awarded the Conditional Certificate of Conformance No. 29 on September 04, 1976 which entitled CWD to the rights and privileges authorized under PD 198. This then pronounced the  official day of CWD in carrying out its mission, which at that time, provided service to a total of 1,100 active  service connections.

Safe drinking water is what CWD guarantees to its concessionaires by supplying potable water conforming to the standard specified in the PNSDW 2007 and as certified by the City Health Office through our DOH-Accredited Laboratory with Accreditation No. 254 and with the use of the latest technology, aiming mainly toward its commitment to be of good service to the  community and to capture satisfaction of its concessionaires.