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Water Connection

A.) Residential

B.) Commercial Establishment

Application for New Water Connection


Requirements for New Connections

*Requirements when Filing

1.Sketch of Location
2. Php 100.00 Filing Fee

Standard Requirements upon approval of application

1. Certificate of Inspection
2. Brgy. Clearance for Water Connection
3. Copy of any Valid Government ID
4. Copy of Certificate of Ownership
5. Water Bill Reciept of Nearest Neighbor
6. Official Receipt of Purchased Materials

Procedures for applying New Connections


Procedures of Re-connection


1.Updated Water Bill Receipt
2. Php 100.00 Reconnection Fee
3. Authorization Letter and Valid Government ID's (for representative)


Water Analysis

Offers microbiological and bacteriological testing for drinking water analysis. Accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) with Accreditation No. 254 issued on March 2012.


Ground Water Assessment

A.) Metered

B.) Fixed Rate


Water Rationing

A.) Regular Sale

B.) Bulk Sale